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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Let's Play Madras on August 22nd 2019

This Madras Day, on August 22nd, between 7 pm and 11 pm… Experience Madras like never before and showcase how Madras-savvy you are!

The Great Madras Board Game 

To Register, Click HERE

Event Description :

It’s AUGUST 22 – It’s MADRAS DAY – The Day this city was officially established as a little Trading Post off what’s today our own Marina Bay…
And we are celebrating it WITH A BOARD GAME. For Once, we produce, you are the actors, ARE YOU WILLING TO STEP UP TO THE STAGE AND PLAY?
Conceived over 12 years ago, in 2007, we’ve worked constantly on and off to get here… We’ve developed a BOARD GAME FOR YOU… THE GREAT MADRAS TRIP
How well do you know your city?
You think you’re a hard-core North Madras beast? You think the ECR and the OMR are the palm of your hands? Or are the creature that’s lost in CHENNAI without your Google Maps and GPS?
Show us, strut your knowledge of WHAT WE CALL MADRAS and you call Chennai.
BASIC GAME DESCRIPTION: You’re a traveller. We give you starting points to choose, we provide you the destination based on the origin. And you have to get there. You roll the dice, you strategise the route using modes of city transport we provide and a certain amount of resources to use. As you (and your partner – did we not say it’s a team of two game ? Oh my !!) explore the city, you’d come across challenges we pose (after all Mario and Luigi can’t get to Super Mario Central without challenges and obstacles, can they?). This is going to test your knowledge of Trivia and Heritage as well as the HISTORY OF THIS MARVELLOUS MADRAS… and of course, what is city traffic without situations that prompt delays and stuck-ups !

Sign up using the Google Form found in the link above! We’ve 3 slots of time, choose your time, come with your partner, pay your registration fee and you’re all set to Explore Madras.


Thursday, May 16, 2019


... is a summer-time comedy play for all you who are 8 years old and above!

TOTAL MOONSENSE ? What's that ??

Inspired by James Thurber's classic short story "Many Moons" comes this TOTAL MOONSENSE

Princess Lenore of Lenoress Town wants the Moon. And she falls sick. Yeh Dil Ki Baat Hai!!!

From the good old time of doting Kings and lovable Princess, bumbling Jesters and bungling Prime Ministers (these days they are bumbling dime a dozen, don't they!!!)...

Goofy Royal Magicians and Royal Mathematicians who can't get their numbers right... comes this story.

Add to this mix of bumbling characters in this comedy of errors our own INDIAN ASTROLOGER - Panchu Mama - and a bunch of travelling Bollywood shooting-stars!

It's an approximate hour of riot we've lined up for you, your family and YOUR KIDS!

TOTAL MOONSENSE that is not completely total non-sense!

In the cast: Abhishek Ramabhadran, Aravind S, Ashvi KS, Krishna Kumar S, Pranav Diwakar, Priyanka Sankaran, Shrivatz A, Shubh Mukherjee, Utsav Raj, Varsha Varadarajan

Script by KK
Directed by Shrivatz Agaram

TICKETS - ₹ 200/-

At CurioPlay, Alwarpet on 25th May (Saturday), 2019 - 5 pm and 7 p.m
Available on Townscript here - BOOK TICKETS FOR TOTAL MOONSCRIPT 

For further details, call us at 9884029850 or email at

Thursday, February 28, 2019

World Theatre Day 2019 - Presenting ANTIGONE...

We're excited. It's another WORLD THEATRE DAY. But for us it's not just another WTD this 2019. This is our 21st WTD celebrations, which we started back in 1998. And this WTD, on March 27, we fructify with our long-cherished production - ANTIGONE - adapted, devised and scripted putting together multiple sources that include but not limited to Sophocles, Hölderlin and Brecht...

The universality and contemporaneity of ANTIGONE is undeniable, and is resonant in today's war-torn, strife-ridden world as well as India, as ever.

EVENT: Performance of ANTIGONE
Medium: Theatre performance
Language: ENGLISH
Duration: 70 minutes
Date: 27 MARCH, 2019 (one performance only on its premiere)

Stay tuned here as well as here for further details...