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Thursday, March 30, 2006

House warming

Hello all ye who visit here...

This shall henceforth serve as the Home on the Web for Masquerade. Duh! 13 years and just a free blogspot is all we could afford? Na na na na... drive such thoughts. The freeservers website was junked and am a bit too heavy on work the past so many months, to design a website and post is gonna take a month or two and there's no point in giving it to a design company when I can do a better job in terms of user-friendliness. So there... this will have to do.

Also, this is where closet writers who want to be featured at THREE AT TWENTY can leave messages.

Keep posting.


eyefry said...

Yay! Mine's the FIRST EVER comment on this blog!

niermsm: within smelling distance of gym-rat.

Krishna Kumar said...

see... there goes the word judicious in air. Ah! to be kk and be optimistic! Anyway, dude you gonna actually come on time tomorrow for rehearsal. And by the way, sunday rehearsal has to be shifted to 3.30 to 6 pm because both hari and karan won't be available on really pertinent grounds.

Sarah Porter said...

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