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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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Andreas Marber

Venue: Top Storey, Alliance Francaise, Chennai
Dates & Time: 19 May (7.15 pm), 20 & 21 May (3.15 and 7.15 pm)

Donor Passes: Rs. 100/-

soon to be available at Landmark (Nungambakkam), Words & Worth (Bessie) & Alliance Francaise - Reception

Or leave message here or call at 98840 29865 for advance/bulk booking.

Performance has objectionable contents. We rate is PG/16. So don't say we didn't warn you.

In the cast:

Krishna / Varun - The Actor
Mathivanan R - The Author
Gaayathry S - The Director
Vivek Sivaraman - Lighting Engineer
Stage Manager - Karan Ram
Sound Engineer - Krishna Kumar. S

Stage Design & Artistic Direction - Krishna Kumar. S

Synopsis: An author has written a play for an actor. The name of the play: A Piece of Shit. The title role: A Piece of Shit, The actor seizes his chance: A Piece of Shit in a piece called A Piece of Shit; that is like Hamlet in Hamlet. Parrots’ Lies is a humorous expose of employees in the creative industry, constantly with knives on the backs of others, in a desperate attempt to regain their lost reputations. Parrots’ Lies is a wild and disgusting game of power, a horribly realistic representation of actions and gestures - acts of oppression and gestures of subjugation and genuflections.

About the Author: Andreas Marber, born in 1961, is one of contemporary Germany’s respected and popular playwrights and was the dramaturge at the Nationalhaus (National Theatre) Hamburg. Parrots’ Lies, incidentally, had its Hamburg premiere in January 2001. Parrots' Lies had its Asian premiere in March 2001 at Chennai, produced by Masquerade.

This is a production we first gave the Asian premiere of in March 2001, with Yog Japee, Lekha Washington & Pushkar P in the cast.

Read the media write-up about that production here.

And Read the post-performance review here.

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