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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Upshot on Updates

Whew... it's been a hectic May.

First Parrots' Lies. The show was so-so. Not my standards. Nothing wrong with actors or with the design... somehow it never just lifted up the way it must. A lot of groups would have been happy with the package and quality. But we are of course... MASQUERADE. Quality not commerce matters. Not that commerce shook the edge of the earth. Surely... the Indonesian recent quake was not a result of Parrots' Lies.

Well, the press screwed it in a small way. I mean... you send the press brief and invites for review. And they all uniformly receive it but lose it! So as a result... only one write-up (not a review, thankfully, given the fact that the city has no writer worth their salt who can do theatre review)... by Seena in NIE. Crazy woman, MS!, wriggled out of reviewing it inspite of repeated askance from Yours Faithfully that she must do it if she got an op officially to review it. I believe the dope about being involved with Masquerade is just an excuse to wriggle out of putting herself under the Damocles Sword. I mean, if we are going to be scared to be honest and praise or tear, how can an artist survive? How will art thrive in the absence of truthful ex-press-ions of analysis? I am deeply hurt and disappointed that one of our stable-mates chickened out! We should set trends even at the risk of losing. If that was the case, then why preview? Was not there involvement then? Well... preview doesn't force you to express your true opinion, I guess. Pardon me, I am a bitch and loser!

Next off... thanks hugely to all of the Fourth Estate the way they have supported us this season. For the launch of Artificial Realities, Previews of Parrots' Lies, Write-ups about Getting into the Skin workshop that concluded yesterday (I am honestly happy with some good genuine work being done at the workshop by the participants who never sulked or shied away from experimenting boldly), the fantastico-fabulo-magnificient coverage they provided for Three@Twenty. Thanks Press folks out there... Hindu, NIE, DC, Madras Plus... anyone else.

And of course... THREE... launch nite was a decent scream. Lotsa people... yay... and Karan got candles... Karan got candles... Karan got candles... making his debut as director. Won't go much into it, but he did what best he could. Hope there are better stuff to come from him. And the dope from LS is... ALADDIN seems to have taken off and happening... wishing all you folks out there luck!

Coming to Getting into the Skin. I think it was a very fruitful workshop. The fact that Masquerade doesn't have to be accused of poaching from its own children anymore because it has its own workshop branding is very satisfying. Isn't that the subtext? Okay... I, KK am only trying to be as honest as always. We got about to giving the actors of the season some first time exposure to work on their process and got to meet some wonderful people some of whom would associate themselves with us over a period of acclimitisation before they would start being featured in the cast. That's their feel and am glad, guys, of your logical decision.

We move on to Gautam's Three. The bloke, by the way, has gotten lucky and moving over at least for a 2 year period to US, tagging along. Hope he gets back with some more good work. Nam, Karan and I are really starting to enjoy Pub Crawl-ing. Inspiring times. And Wood will start happening shortly too. Meanwhile, my quest for the woman of my dreams to be cast in Skin Deep goes on ever since Preeta decided to ditch us! But I assure you, Damini the Damager is going to be one hell of a screamer - morbid, angry and full of anguish and angst but wierdly zany in its humour, as some of my oevures have been.

Oh well, more ramblings as developments occur.


Anonymous said...

Good ramblings dear (sir) KK!

And as usual honest. Keep it coming and in my busy schedule, I am still interested in getting at least a vicarious window into Chennai theatre. The workshop does seem to have gone well and accept my congrats...

eternal flunky said...

even these general informers beome works of art! art... sigh
exciting times

WV: zsudj- sound of artist's fist making contact on Mehta's face if he tries to pull his parrot's lies stunt for wood

antickpix said...

i is back. not that you want to know.

Masquerade - Chennai said...

of course we know about you being anti... wb. photos on both here and at parrots lies blogspot. and you are due some payment. i finished paying ppl for rp yday. you g3 and mathi gotta meet me for your paydirt for parrots! and gimme back my 4.48psychosis now that you're back!

antickpix said...

i don't have your 4.48 dammit! namrata does.

ah, do tell when we meet..i mean, whether a reading (for wood/PC) or whatever, if the non-cast is allowed.