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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gautam's Three

Doing one production is difficult enough. I guess we've been ambitious enough to take up 3 productions in one extended weekend. And all of them - though irreverently hilarious and definitely very laughable - are heavy-weight for actors. I mean... either lotsa lines in a play like PUB CRAWL (just 2 actors and with huge chunks of alternating passages) or too layered and metaphoric as in the case of WOOD.

WOOD is one of my favourite plays. I really relish to this day doing the Artist's role in 2003. And Varma-ji is making a brave effort of it. Hope the lad comes through. It'll give him a different status altogether after this play!
And as for DAMINI - morbid is not the word for some pieces. But definitely perspective-altering pieces. Well well well, I can't wait to see Hurricane Shoba and Damini the Damager monologues on stage. Hilarious is not the word... intelligent is not term enough.
So, try and catch up with our Press and Public Preview of these productions - coming up on Thursday - 22nd June - 7.30 pm at Mocha. Just amble in, climb up the stairs and come to the backyard upstairs... catch up our preview over some coffee and fries!
Until then!


eternal flunky said...

brave effort? why thank you... reassuring... it was also brave of you to cast me artist... fingers crossed... touch wood...

Thinkopotamus said...

touched wood.