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Monday, August 21, 2006


NATAK 2007

Natak - the festival of college theatre in English, last held in 2004, is back.

Natak was conceived and organised by Masquerade for the first time in the form of competition for city college theatre groups in the year 2000, to encourage college theatre talents... and to promote English theatre among colleges... with a vision to provide
  1. a platform for college students who then did not have enough avenues to do theatre and
  2. to provide a feeder platform for theatre groups to identify new artistic and technical talents in the field of English theatre in Chennai.
Natak was held in the years 2000, 01 & 02 continuously as annual event. In the Year 2003, the decision was taken to make it biennial. Hence Natak was last held in 2004 February. Natak in 2004 also extended itself as a pioneering national-level festival of college theatre in English. Although the outstation entries did not land up at the 11th hour, it still was deemed as the only festival of its kind. The key feature of NATAK until 2004 was it was AN ENTRY FREE event, encouraging the theatre-going public to visit to in turn encourage budding artists.

Now... 2006 is the year of NATAK. But due to what looks like a very crowded theatre schedule in English theatre in Chennai, Masquerade proposes to host NATAK between 17th and 22nd January, 2007. NATAK proposes to focus on leveraging local college and academic institutional theatre groups henceforth. We may feature outstation groups, but thrust would be to accommodate as much of Chennai as possible.

VENUE AND OTHER DETAILS will be on shortly. This information is posted so that the scripting process can be begun. We know that evolving an original script takes a lot of effort and time.

Colleges and academic institutions interested in participating can write to us as

Some basic rules of Natak:
  • Original scripts, predominantly in English
  • The performances shall not be more than a stipulated duration of 45 minutes
  • The cast and crew shall not exceed 25 in number
  • Deadlines for submission of various paper-work such as App forms (once it is available), skeletal draft of the script to be performed, final version of performance script, Lighting and Stage Designs, Sound and such like requirements MUST BE adhered to
  • All paperwork submitted shall bear the authorised signature / seal of the College authorities
  • Every work - from conception to production and execution shall be done only by the students involved. No cross-college collaborations. No seeking of professional or mainstream help, unless through the organisers.

Until later!


antickpix said...


fingers crossed, i'll be in town for it.

Krishna Kumar said...

Try and get your college in it!