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Thursday, November 30, 2006


COMING UP Next... from MASQUERADE - the performance group

Three Short Hilarious Bedroom Farces of varying lengths

In the cast: Amit Singh, Karan Ram, Gitanjali Raman, Tara Raman, Krishna, Abhinav & Gayathri

Directed by KK

Venue: TOP STOREY, Alliance Francaise, Chennai
Dates: 9th & 10th December, 2006
Time: 3.30 pm & 7.15 pm

Tickets - Rs. 100/- available at

Alliance Francaise (Reception - 28279803/28271477)
Landmark (Nungambakkam)
Hippocampus (Abiramapuram, next to Sony World - 24661544)
Words & Worth (Besant Nagar)

Upon Advance Direct Purchase:
Rs. 80/- only upon purchase done before 5th December
Email with Subject: Tix for SML
or call Masquerade Hotline at 93802 86129 RIGHT NOW!

Brief about the show: SML brings to you a package of three light-hearted plays that take a dig at Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Suicide... the women & men who cause it... and the average Joe's like us who try and help people and go through the third-party agony.

WOMEN - you can't live with them... you can't live without them


sir nicholas said...

let the small and the medium stay at large... with this production, if the horrendous sight (sorry if i misspealt) of my legs would shy away from audience memory, i would need to work on regaining my image after pub crawl.. i think i love that play so much cause it was the easiest image to carry off.. for me at least..

Krishna Kumar said...

time shall heal everything, including the sight of Karan's legs on stage. 2nd straight production in a row, won't you say?