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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Truth According to Demas, Gestas & Others

Yay! Finally a post. Yes, since last March, we haven't done a mainstream production. And finally, we made the official auditorium booking today. The next show coming up. March 27 & 29 - Another World Theatre Day/Week Celebs from Masquerade. Mohan Narayanan's new play - THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO DEMAS, GESTAS & OTHERS. At Pethachi Auditorium.
Well, to tell The Truth, this title is even longer in words than the last one - Thus Spake... (we've been through that once, no need to again!)
For all those wondering... Demas and Gestas of the title refer to the two villains of Bible who went to crucifixion alongside Jesus H Christ. So... don't jump to the conclusion that this is going to be one of those seeeeeeeeeeeerious drama. It's biblical, it's mythical, it's legendary, it's political, it's dramatic... but with a very contemporary feel. It's even got Gandhi and Godse in it. It's even got a touch of Jade Goody.
I am not giving anything more away any how. Just you wait till the next announcement.


Lucifer said...

Where can I get tickets from? The venue itself? Are they still available? Can I book over the phone? Pls to be telling!


Mohan said...

At the venue - or at Landmark, Fabindia and