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Friday, March 28, 2008

THE TRUTH - Part 2

There we go... the mugshots of all involved - well, almost all! - In random order.
Viky - Lights

Mohd Yusuf - Nahum

Shyam Rajagopalan - Jesus

Suchith - FOH Usher

Swetha - Onstage Usher

Ujwal - Onstage Studio Crew

Vijayakumaar - Joseph Caiaphas

Chandermouli - Simon/Peter

Neeraja Iyengar - Mary of Bethany

Neeta Srikanth - SS, the show anchor

Prachi Sibal - Show Cameraperson

Praveen Kumar - Gestas

Hrishi - Barrabbas

Krishna Kumar (KK) - Gandhi as well as show Director

Krishna - Demas

Maheswari Nair - Projection Content Creation & Management

Mithran Devanesen - Stage & Set Design

Ashvi KS - FOH Usher

Dilip - Onstage Studio Crew

Dushyanth Gunashekar - Godse

G.D. Prasad - Music Composer

Gopi Nair - Box Office Mgmt

Aashirwad - FOH Usher

Aditya - Onstage Studio Crew

Anusha - Backstage Crew

Aparajith "Director Saar" Raman - Asst Light Mgmt

Aruna Ganesh Ram - Tech Director & Sound

THE TRUTH is finally out there!

*stretches arms interlinked above head and breaks the nitric acid bubbles in joints*
It's been a year and 2 months now... and finally the work is reaching fruition. YES... THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE finally! After a long and tiring but always engrossing process of revising, editing, adding, deleting, improvising at Mohan Narayanan's THE TRUTH according to Demas, Gestas & Others, we premiered last night - on World Theatre Day - at Pethachi Auditorium, amid lot of last minute hitches with projection as well as Brochure department.

Actually it's quite kind of Murphy... the production does not quite look a year in process. Until 1 month back the baby was developing in the pink of its health to be delivered timely. And then Murphy caught up. The cast started goofing around, the techies couldn't get enough time as they are all office-goers stuck to the biblical last month meetings and client visits and telecons... not to mention a malaria scare. And though we reached the run through stage 20 days to show, I am unhappy and disappointed that we did not (to steal a phrase out of Chitra Mahesh's compendium about KK's theatrical existence) 'set Chennai Theatre on fire'. Not that I expected to. But what was heart-warming was the crowd turnout. A lot of new faces in the audience, having now been used to the regular faces and faeces (in some cases), made my eyes water. There is hope for theatre in Chennai. It was not definitely a theatre-going crowd that I am sure would not keep attending every show. Nevertheless, the fact that they turned up for my show which like my others are not always promising laughters and guzzles of humour and croissants of one-liners buttressed with slapstick. No... I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST who has his moments of humour. So, the fact this crowd turned out last night fills me with hope for non-comedic theatre.
Now about the show... first let me up you on the dope about the poster:
Just click this to see the bigger image. It's all in there... who's what.
If you don't recognise them 1) a lot are making their debut in one form or other and 2) you can reach the next post for cast and crew list. Yes, I'm gonna post at least 3 or 4 more posts about this show.
Coming back to performance last night. It was very iffy. It could have gone either way. It just went uneven. It was not bad, but was not of the highest order in my rating; but but but... it was not that bad enough for someone to term it PATHETIQUE! Not especially when their own shows are close runners to that tag. At least, the most recent show!
So much for artistic integrity! Anyway... we are doing some tweaks for tomorrow's show. You'll see the difference. Please do land up... it's not pure theatre, it's not pure entertainment, it's neither this nor that. It's just a variant in the theatrical format. IT'S DIFFERENT. IT RECOGNISES YOU THE AUDIENCE. I will give one example: After her eviction, Neeraja who was playing Mary of Bethany came back stage gushing and said "Hey, they actually evicted me... the audience." You see what audience involvement level is possible in our theatre rather than just keeping them all the time in the darkness while we take the limelight? While we are on that, Hats off to Ambika and her team from LIMELITE - UNISEX SALON & SPA (Besant Nagar outlet) for their tireless work. Anyway, going back to Mary... I wonder what made them evict her. The long monologue? Hopefully not! (hehehe!)
SEE YOU ON THE MORROW - either at 4 pm or 7.30 pm at Pethachi. Passed priced at Rs. 200/- (which we honestly are running out), 150/-, 100/- and 50/- (I still believe we must keep tix at 100 and 50 to make it affordable for those who can't, guys! it's not just the students, but a lot of people out there.)