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Saturday, February 28, 2009

EQUUS from Masquerade...shortly

Oh yes... news for those who visit this page...
we've just begun reading for Equus... for World Theatre Week. The casting is done. The readings are afoot. We know... we know... it is a daunting task to do the play in the first place... and to think of swinging it in a month is madness personified; but then theatre artists are madmen and theatre is a madhouse, so why not! Of course, we are not stripping. That was a sensational stunt and the occupational hazard of having Dan Radcliffe and Laura O'Toole for that company, now we are not in England, are we? So... expect our show: March 27 2009 it shall premiere. And keep the show open for a while. Keep visiting for developments on the Equus front!

btw, take time to visit our listing on Wikipedia pages: Masquerade (Chennai)

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Murali said...

KK, is this still you? Good way to go forward, man!